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March 15, 2010

Is Spring Really Here?

For what seems like the first time this year the temperature outside Bramernic Mansions has reached 12 degrees. Surely that must mean that winter has finally departed these shores? Furthermore, on ITV4 every day we can enjoy the carnival that is the Indian Premier League. It's Twenty20 with a few extra bits added on. The main one seems to be strategic timeouts where the captains can choose to halt play for a few minutes at the end of an over. A chance to stop the rot of wickets falling, or slow down a relentless batting display? Or is it purely to allow the TV companies to insert a few more chunky advert breaks? Whatever it is, the action is compelling and making work in the afternoons quite difficult.

So, with warm weather and cricket in India, this can mean only one thing. Yes, the English cricket season is rapidly approaching. We already know that the Telegraph will be running their county fantasy game, although they haven't actually launched it yet. The County Championship starts on April 9th - will everyone have finished their Easter eggs in time? - and we reckon there will be three warm-up weeks before the game starts on April 27th. That's just our prediction though, so don't spend too long on strategy until they confirm the date.

However, some preparation is in order, so the cricket fixture grid has been updated with all this season's matches. There are now only three competitions, the 4-day championship, the season long ECB 40 League and the Friends Provident T20 in the middle of the summer.

More news as and when we have it ...

December 19, 2009

Gremlins eradicated

Hopefuly the report is now properly fixed, but the latest list of those on four yellows arrived from the FA this afternoon. Note that from this season the amnesty for reaching 5 yellows has been bought forwward to Dec 31st.

December 15, 2009

Players approaching a ban frozen

I'm sorry to have to report that the gremlins have invaded the report generation system at the FA and thus I am unable to update the players approaching a ban page at present. They hope to have fixed the report again shortly.

October 31, 2009

Players Approaching a Ban is back

A little later than usual this season thanks to a gremlin in the FA Computer system, the list of players approaching a ban for 5, 10 or 15 yellow cards is now back on this site. It will usually be updated on a Friday, this weeks was late because I've been on holiday.

Both Premier League and Championship players are included, except that players who play for Cardiff and Swansea will never appear as their cautions are administered by the FAW.

October 22, 2009

New Fixture Grids

In addition to the two grids showing TFF matches in both the Premier League (TFF) and Championship (TFFCH), there are now two new grids which include all competitive fixtures. This may be useful for other games, or as a pointer to potential rotation issues, for example. Clicking on the "Fixture Grids" button in the left-hand menu brings up a page with links to all four grids.

Within each grid there is now the ability to temporarily delete teams. This way you can concentrate on spotting transfer opportunities among a select number of teams. Clicking on the red X next to the team name removes that row from the grid. All teams can be restored by clicking on a link at the bottom (which appears as soon as one row has been hidden).

October 06, 2009

Richard Dunne - Week 7 correction

The following message has appeared on the Telegraph site this morning:

Points correction
Saturday. September 26, 2009: Blackburn Rovers 2-1 Aston Villa
Richard Dunne was incorrectly recorded as having received a yellow card during the above match. We can now clarify that the player was not booked and, as a result, his TFF score for Week 7 has been adjusted from -2 points to zero. We apologise for any confusion caused.

The points on this site have also now been updated.

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